Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lab #1

Walking into a Christian after school program with little to no experience was a little intimidating. More importantly, the children there look up to you. You have a lot of weight on your shoulders. They expect creativity in the activities prepared. They expect constant movement with continuous fun filled activity. I found that almost every child became uninterested in the “Endless Bucket” game. Some of the students said: “I’m bored,” or, “This is stupid.” Others, you could tell by their body language that the game no longer interested them. I feel like its really important to find out what specifically interests a certain student who is not enthused. Maybe ask them what they would prefer doing. Ask them about a special talent they have and are willing you teach you. From today, I've learned to have an open mind with younger kids.
The motor and social behavior was easy to observe throughout the afternoon. Some children wanted to exercise their competitive skills and interact with others. When I challenged two boys to a push-up match, they were more excited to compete compared to choosing something else from the bucket. I also found that each student has their own unique way of attempting a skill. When I asked a few students to bear crawl, one only used her arms, the other ran away on her hands and feet. I feel like motor and social behaviors go hand in hand. The more activities these students perform together, the more socially cohabited they become. Some students watched one another hula-hoop, and continued to demonstrate their way after watching others. There was one boy who refused to follow instruction in the gym, but when he was at snack time, he was a totally different person. He waited his turn to play board games, and he played with the kids a lot nicer. I have learned that depending on the atmosphere, a child’s energy level and perception will potentially change.

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