Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Speaker from Brooklyn

I just wanted to mention the speaker who came to our classroom the other morning. I do not recall his name, but he inspired me so easily! My recent goal has been to move to New York City and attend graduate school there. I fell in love with the city last time i visited, and did not want to leave! I understand the complexity and obstacles that the city has in store for me..but if he can do it, I feel like I can do it too. It takes a strong person to work with a deep cultured inner city school program. More importantly, I believe teaching would be a challenge. When our speaker mentioned that he taught Physical Education in Brooklyn for 3 years, I was taken back. It may sound lame, but I absorbed his energy and advice and took it as a sign. I was drawn in by his every word and truly amazed by his accomplishments. I only hope that I can make a similar difference in the unfortunate decline in physical activity. This course is simply a foundation in the making that will help me branch out and accomplish that goal.

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