Saturday, October 24, 2009

Up, up, and Ka--Boom!!=(

My second lab session at St Mary's started off great! It was a beautiful day, and I walked into the gym with a positive attitude and a white mask =) The kids seemed to enjoy the super-hero theme that the Cortland students came prepared with. Our lab group went outside to start off our after school activities. Most of the class ran to the parking lot to play kickball. I stayed on the playground with a few of the students because they decided not to play the game. I engaged in conversation with a boy named Mike. He was around the age of 6. He had quite the imagination. We walked over to the corner of the playground and saw large pieces of the playground all laid out in a pile. I said to him: "Why are they taking down your playground?" He continued to correct me and said that the pieces were donated to the school and have been sitting there for more than a year. Regardless of the validity of our conversation, it was interesting! He continued to say how he could build it himself! He wanted a bigger playground so he could do more of his tricks on the equipment (which he was demonstrating to me during our conversation). I told him to ask for a tool box for Christmas. I liked talking to this kid, and it was amazing to see how intelligent he was. Everything was going great; we were hanging and climbing all over the play-ground. All of a sudden, "Boom!!" He flipped around one of the metal bars and smashed his nose onto the wood and then onto a tire. He was on the ground in less than a second! Blood everywhere. I felt like it was my fault. I also felt like I could of caught him. I finally realized that accidents happen-he was taken to the nurse and taken care of. When his father came to pick him up, I looked at him and told him he was really tough!!! He looked at me with ice packed close to his nose and said: “Your name tag is falling off!!" It was priceless. This type of incident was unfortunate, but in a way, prepared me. When working with kids in the future, accidents will happen on a regular basis. Kids will get injured, and instead of panicking you must bring them to the nurse, relax, and immediately contact the parent if the injury is serious.

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