Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Behind Closed Doors we have a Mess!!

Our group responsibility might not have seemed very important at the time, but behind closed doors, it would make a big difference for tomorrow and the day after. Eventually, when we all venture out into the real world, teaching will not be the only aspect of our day to day curriculum. Organization, cleanliness, and safety are all very important things to keep a friendly, healthy teaching atmosphere. We started off the day assisting other groups with their gym activities. Shortly after some throwing, tossing, and running exercises, we were assigned closet duty. We started in the big bin of color coordinated activity bags. These bags were color coated, along with the supplies that were supposed to be in them. Things such as jump ropes, basketballs, and dodgebals were all miss matched and carelessly thrown into the bin. All of these items were randomly thrown into the bin and tangled into on big blob of color. Eventually, we sorted out everything and put the items back into their respectable bags and tossed the bags back into the bin. The kids will have a much easier time finding the activity they choose. Not only are these different balls in different colors to appeal to Jessica or Micheal's eye, but they are now easy accessible. We finished the fun filled day with a little Wiggles theme song: "Shake your sillies out." As we began the dance/song routine, I looked over to a 5 or 6 year old. He was rolling his eyes in disapproval to the song we had chosen. I looked right at him, got down to his level and said: "Who really cares what you look like or how old you are? I'm 21 and still shaking my sillies out." It's just for fun and only you can judge yourself!" He liked my advice and started shaking more then most of the students around him! My "words of silly wisdom" was the best way to end Mondays class. I can only hope that he goes on in life with more of an open mind.

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