Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ho ho ho! Santas Sick!!

Our activity today involved a lot of traveling in place of poor Santa. He was sick, coughing and wrapped in a blanket stuck at the North Pole. Little elves and reindeer had to deliver presents to different houses, complete tasks and follow a path which led them to the north pole. Everyone found a partner and decided who was an elf who was the reindeer. The elf sat on the scooter holding onto one end of the jump rope while the reindeer held onto the opposite end. 4-5 hula hoops were placed around the playing area designated as houses. Each group carried a bag of toys and had to deliver toys to each house. Not only that, each house also had a list of instructions: Count Santa's cookies, jump in and out of the hula hoop and take a toy, balance a bean bag on your head to the next house. Whatever their task may of been, they loved every minute of it. The scooters played a huge role in grasping the students attention. I enjoyed watching all the kids share turns as well as use the scooters responsibly. One of my favorite parts of the game was the end. We all gathered around Santa and told him about our the travels that he missed out on. The gathering gave me a Strong sensation of Christmas and family. Just the fact that we were all huddled together sharing stories gave me a warm feeling inside. It was a great way to end our last game at St. Mary's.

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